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@mrevjd wrote:

Quick update: from my initial testing it looks as though the QoS/Netbalancer patch/fix has NOT been included in this update.
Good news the current patch/fix can still be used.

My first cut at applying the changes in the kerbynet.cgi/scripts modified by the QoS/Netbalancer patch indicate two things:

1) The QoS/Netbalancer is NOT in b14
2) There are merge conflicts in failoverd and fw_initrules

The conflicts in fw_initrules are straight forward. But I will have to wrap my head around how the ip tables and rules work again before I can make my mind up about the conflicts in failoverd.

End result: I don’t think it is safe to apply the b12 QoS/Netbalancer patch to b14.

Unfortunately, I can’t say how long it will be before I can get time to look at this. Too many other irons in the fire…

By the way, if I recall correctly, Fulvio’s hesitation on incorporating my patch into his code base was issues with falsely declaring an interface as failed. If anyone using my patch has experience with that problem perhaps we can figure out what I did wrong.