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@wahyu24 wrote:

Sir, sorry for this stupid question,

My usb modem is currently ZTE MF-627, Axesstel MV-140 and AC-2726

1. how can i determine my default vendor and product + target vendor and product

2. Also the value for messegge end point and content.

3.also the value of Checksucess

4. I also notice that the original zeroshell usb_modeswitch.conf has “;” in front of the commands while your’s don’t. Is it fine?

Thank’s a lot for your time, sir. I really appreciate it.

Go to this page and find your modems there, I didn’t see the neither 627 nor the MV-140. The other is there but you’ll need to try different configurations and see which one works.
For the 627 you might try other ZTE configurations and see if it works.
You don’t need the “;” in front of the value.

Hope it helps!