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I have an older, working ZeroShell box we use for outbound NAT only. An older DNS server is being retired, and I have been notified this box is still making DNS requests from the soon to be retired DNS server. All hosts on the LAn side do have the correct DNS server passed to them by DHCP service upon bootup, so I am unclear why the ZeroShell NAT process would forward all DNS requests to the older DNS box, or what is actually happening.

I have installed a new box and intend to cutover to 2.0RC2 asap, but kinna wanna understand what is going on. When the hosts behind the ZeroShell make a DNS request which passes through ZeroShell to get to the DNS server, would the NAT process reroute their DNS requests to the server defined in ZeroShell??

I do not see any entries for DNS forwarding in the existing ZeroShell….

If I’m not mistaken named (BIND 9) does the request forwarding on behalf of the client. BIND, of course, runs on ZeroShell. NAT might enter the equation if none of the ZeroShell interfaces had a public IP address routeable to the Internet.