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fenster wrote:

I’ve got a zeroshell with 3 bonded VPN over dsl lines to a datacentre. Each are 10mb/s down and .6 mb/s up. When the vpns are bonded the combined speed is 23-25 mb/s down and 1.5 mbs up. The vpns are sent down static routes to avoid gateway issues. These VPNs are bridged at both ends to the LAN interfaces.

The problem I am having is when I add a forth, identical line to the bond, the aggregted downstream drops to 10 – 11 mb/s but an upstream of 2 mb/s. With the three bonded lines the speed is an instant 23-25 meg which is great. I’d expect the fourth line to increase it to about 30meg

I have changed the lines used in the bond (i.e. added the new line and removed a previous line) and when there are three dsls in the bond, the lines are always aggregating correctly, but when there are four lines the total speed is testing at only 11-12 mb/s. Please help me to get the true aggregated bandwidth as I cant find an explanation!



Am also having same issue with load balancing with the athlins’s patch.
l have 8 20/1Mbps dsl lines .when l test each line l get 18/1 mbps but when load balancing the 8 lines l get 45Mbps max.
Am using version 15 with athling’s patch.Dell xeon 3.0ghz,1G Ram and 120G harddrive.

the network topology is

Dsl lines in bridge mode to Zeroshell which is only doing load-balancing to Mikrotik hotspot server serving hotspot clients.

Is there a way to achieve

Persistence: Interface persistence is a technique which ensures that
subsequent connections from a client are always routed over the same
uplink interface.
By Connection: Each connection is balanced independently.

What is the max number of wan that can be load balanced efficiently?
Any help is welcome.