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@tucker wrote:

1. Is there any suggestion on when NetBalance will be available? I am willing to Beta test this or get involved in the development if it helps. I would be very eager to test this and I have a live test environment setup for testing bonded systems.

I know that without the net balancer that allows to make routing decisions based on iptables rules it is not easy to use the VPN Bonding to increase the bandwidth.
The next week will be available the 1.0.beta7 release that will include the support for the Road Warrior VPN connections with OpenVPN. I decided to allow the use of OpenVPN also for Host-to-LAN VPN because I notice that many users have difficulty to configure L2TP/IPSec clients.
I will start to develop the 1.0.beta8 release in October and I hope to complete it in November. This release will include the NetBalancer module.

@tucker wrote:

2. What distribution is ZS built upon?

I don’t use a pre-built distribution such as Debian, Fedora, …, but I use to compile the packages directly from source tar.gz.
In any case, I started with Linux From Scratch.

@tucker wrote:

3. Would you provide the core distribution of ZS as a general router distribution possibly with no web interface? A self-contained easy to deploy CF based Linux could be very useful for a range of projects.

Why? You don’t like ZeroShell’s web interface?

@tucker wrote:

Finally, my particular interest is in bonded configurations and I see others are keen on this. I have a lot of experience in this area and I would be willing to create some documentation and setup guides if anyone would be interested in these.

Any documentation is welcome. Specially if the documentation is about the VPN bonding on which many users ask for greater details, but I am too busy to answer.