Re: Re: 3G Devices


It sounds like some of the 3G cards or 3G USB adapter drivers are built into the supplied ZeroShell Linux Kernel. I’m not at home so I’ve not looked yet. Does ZeroShell come with WVDial installed? Fulvio could you build a package that could be added on like Samba and DansGuardian? I think it would make is easier for people to configure 3G mobile data devices. These devices use a extended AT command set just like all modern mobile phones. In the United States because the mobile carriers ship phones with custom ( restricted ) firmware and device settings. You can’t always use your mobile phone for Internet access via USB. You can use use Bluetooth DUND. You may have to pay extra to have that turned on. I’m thinking of getting a 3G data card (MiniPCI Express Card) for use with the ALIX 6b2 as a portable hotspot using Zeroshell or OpenWRT.

I guess that leads me to this question. Fulvio how receptive are you to kernel driver request?

Thanks again Fulvio for ZeroShell.