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We’re pushing a ton of traffic (metro ethernet @100Mb), and using b7 and b8 without problems. Heck, I think the only problem I had at first with b7 was the hardware. It happened the network cards I took from a recycle pile were both _very_ faulty.

For the pilot, I used a Dell 1850 with Intel 1gb cards, and currently have Dell 1950’s with b8 on them. We’re shaping I/O 90Mb/55Mb peak, and about I/O 35Mb/17Mb weekly average.

We haven’t had any problems save for hardware NIC’s. Though b8, I’ve had a weird web site deal; the administrative user and session just goes away. I get all of the web panes before logon that “take too long to respond”.

So, I’m thinking of switching back to b7.