Re: Please help with my VC VPN


Thanks vpn_rollercoaster for your comment to my posting for help.

I really am a newbie to networking, and I have limited knowlege of of VPN’s, so I really do need a bit of assistance here.

I guess I do need to look at my IP address scheme, but I do not know where to begin.

In a LAN-LAN VPN using 2 Billion 7402R2 ADSL modems I can get video calls to work fine. This is because the video conferencing systems each have their ADSL modems as their default gateways. I am using a network range at the main site and at the remote site.

In a multiple LAN-LAN VPN (as in my diagram) the main video conferencing system would need a default gateway again, and I though of giving it the address assigned to the bridge. Am I correct in thinking that? Will the bridge automatically send traffic down the correct leg to the remote site?

I have scoured the web but cannot find any type of configuration close to the one I am trying to build.

Thanks again