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marti vielha

Hi, the last post is not totaly correct, in the eth01 (activated in zeroshell captive portal) the captive portal works fine, can´t connect to skype.
but in the other eth04 captive portal the skype works with no login in captive portal, for make eth04 C P y make this adding this:

you must change only cp_start.


iptables -A CapPort -i ETH02 -j CapPortACL
iptables -t nat -A CapPort -i ETH02 -p tcp –dport 80 -j CapPortHTTP
iptables -t nat -A CapPort -i ETH02 -p tcp –dport 443 -j CapPortHTTPS
iptables -t nat -A CapPort -i ETH02 -p tcp –dport $REMOTEPT -j CapPortGW
iptables -t nat -A CapPort -i ETH02 -p tcp –dport $REMOTESSL -j CapPortGW

insert this line ar bottom of cp_start

iptables -I SYS_INPUT 3 -i ETH02 -p tcp –dport 12080:12083 -j ACCEPT

for enable ETH02
for another interface change 3 with 4.
first interface (ETH01) is enable from web interface.

In web interface you must select for Client Identity only ip address.

Any idea for close connection skype and more in the eth modified with this method.

Thank you