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I’m trying to develop a HSDPA/3G WWAN/VPN Router with a product :
– Alix6b2 Motherboard
– a MiniPCI Express Novatel EV620 as modem…
– an Orange HSDPA/3G SIM card

The operating system in use is Voyage Linux. All devices seem to be detected : the Novatel modem is also detected and mapped on /dev/ttyUSB0 port..

But I’m having problems to establish connection to my 3G provider Network cause it seems that the onboard Sim Card Slot is not detected by the system. The dialer failed to access the onboard SIM socket. When I use gcom program to initialyze connection, I got this error :

Check device port configuration.
Check SIM is inserted

It seems that the Novatel Modem don’t communicate with the SIM Socket ? or don’t find the SIM CARD Socket ?

I saw in your website [ ] that you’ve already built a such type Mobile router with the Alix6B2. How have you done with the SIM Card socket driver ? did you load a specific kernel module to detect the SIM slot ? did you use a specific dialer or command to get interaction between the Modem and the SIM Slot ?

Thanks for your reply !