Re: makefs error


makefs “filesystem larger than apparent device size”

also my ramdisk got some sort of write error on a particular number.

any ideas? It locked up at the filesystem remark. I got it to boot though! partly

btw, I never really troubleshot the makefs, but I realized it was ramdisk related.
I read the second post by the thread starter saying he needed to mount the rootfs on a ramdrive, so I heeded what he said and overlaid those steps over the initial steps, and it worked.

I read the second post and it worked. Of course mine is hda1, but it booted!

One thing to note. Zeroshell doesn’t like ext2 (at least in the gui). I would recommend converting everything to ext3.

converting to ext3 worked, but for some reason in the gui, it doesn’t see the hosting partition. It does see the backup partition I made (which is an ext2 clone of the first partition). I created a 3rd partition (ext3) to host the profiles, and it sees this as well.