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Dear all,

For ease I put libltdl_fix.tar.gz file to correct my mistake. Simply do

cd /
tar xvfz libltdl_fix.tar.gz .

and files should be extracted at correct place (/usr/lib).

Fulvio, I noticed that links within /usr/lib to libraries located in /lib/ are made with path ../../lib/xxx, this is not working since /usr/ is itself linked to /cdrom/usr. Therefore libraries are not found because they look in /cdrom/lib instead of /lib.
(/cdrom/usr/lib/../../lib -> /cdrom/lib != /lib). I already started relinking with path /lib/xxx instead after I noticed error when compiling some softwares such as freeradius.
Another thing is how do you work with libdiet and when did you do it, there are issues with libtool and dynamic libraries. At some places I had to force -ldl-2.8 in order for the compiling to work. Furthermore, when I did compile freeradius everything went ok provided –enable-system-libtool was set, but still modules do not seem to be able to load. We must have an issue with libdl. Any idea? Thanks