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Here are the revised step for Windows users:

1 step
i’ve booted from the zeroshell cd-rom.

2 Step
Plug the USB disk stick(128Mb is just fine) into windows box, and copy downloaded image to it. rename it to something like ZS.img.gz

3 Sep
Remove USB stick from windows box, and plug it into ZeroShell box.

4 Step
Press ‘s’ at console screen to get in to prompt
Create directory under /mnt/ called usbdisk using:
mkdir /mnt/usbdisk
mount the “usbdisk” using:
mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/usbdisk -t vfat
cd /mnt/usbdisk

5 Step
type “gunzip -c ZS.img.gz > /dev/hda

6 Step
Boot without Cd-Rom

7 Step
Go to Admin page of zeroshell and restore the database to the IDE HDD.

8 Step
Remove USB Stick

9 Step
Get a coca cola or pepsi from the icebox, as there is still allot of work to do, and you need the energy

10 Step
Tell Fulvio Ricciardi he is doing a good job, and you want this utility to run on Windows too! ho ho