Re: Kernel Panic


I get a kernel panic on the old hardware after a few hours on the swapped out hardware it has increased to 10+ hours, but B9 works just fine on either. I can send you the file but what state does the system need to be in for that to contain anything useful? and how can I get to it with out it being lost or modified after the system dies if I need to reboot? would DSL work to boot from and snag the file as is so as not to have ZS make any changes?

Beta 10 is a very nice improvement and I have been using ZS on my little Compaq Deskpro since B7 with amazing results. Best router I have ever owned by far, if I have to throw more than a PIII and 256MB at it though I have some other boxes I just like how small this one was ;]

Let me know what you need me to do and I will do it ASAP so we can try to pin this down to something specific.