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I have the same situation, but I for vpn server I use PPTP. I manage to make modification for this, but I’m stuck at firewall rules:

Seq Input Output Description Log Active
1 ETH00 * ACCEPT all opt — in ETH00 out * -> no
2 * * ACCEPT all opt — in * out * -> state RELATED,ESTABLISHED no
3 ETH01 * ACCEPT 115 opt — in ETH01 out * -> 192.168.x.x no
4 ETH01 * ACCEPT tcp opt — in ETH01 out * -> 192.168.x.x tcp dpt:1723 no
5 ETH01 * ACCEPT 47 opt — in ETH01 out * -> 192.168.x.x no

Where 192.168.x.x is ip of zs.
Default input policy is set to DROP
NAT disable.
ZS has two network interface: etho connected to my lan, eth1 (static ip) to wan
DHCP enable and use another default gateway and DNS (not zs)