Re: HDD Install


I agree, the HDD install can bring in a larger audience, than just Linux users.

We need to look at the bigger picture. When Zeroshell becomes famous, the developers might sell it for a few million bucks, and use that money to employ a whole group of developers that can put all this stuff in withinn a six months period, in a newly developed distro.

Get allot of users exited, broaden the interest, and a whole group of developers will jump onto it, then we don’t have to burdern the current developer(s) with all the work.

The more new users we can introduce to this system, the more hits the website will get, and the more money the zeshell guys can get for developing this system to full blown potencial.

Lost of interest first, by having a usable/user friendly system, then functionality will follow due to money injection.

Think from an investor’s point of view, not just the techie point of view.

Just some ideas, anyway.