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I’m looking for a LAN 2 LAN solution that will let me connect our company branch networks to our head office via 3G as a failover or replacement for copper lines. Over here in South Africa, cable theft is a big problem and our data lines to our branch offices are generally unreliable. If you manage to implement this it could be very useful to a lot of businesses here.

In looking for a solution this problem, I came across an open source project at

Who are developing Vodafone Mobile Connect Software for Linux. Among the supported devices is the Huawei E220 which is a common modem with our 3G providers. The code is written in Python – perhaps it could be incorprated into Zeroshell.

I came across this via the Wikipedia page on the E220 yesterday which might also lead you to some relevent info on this matter.

If I manage to sort a solution myself I’ll post it here but if you can provide this functionality natively in Zeroshell I will definately owe you a beer.