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Thanks for the quick response Fulvio.

I’m actually installing this inside a VMWare container running on my laptop (HP nx9040).
The host OS (CentOS) is working fine, and the several other VMs I use on it, also have no issues either. This laptop regularly cops a beating running Oracle and as a Java dev box as well – with no ill effects (although it does slow down a bit 😉

However, just to be safe, I did run memtest along with a few disk checks as well – everything turned up clean.

Just to be clear on this issue, I see the same behaviour across reboots of both the VM and the host OS – even full power-down and the system being off for a day. The behaviour is 100% consistant, so it’s unlikely to be memory.

I shall keep digging at this end, and am happy to try and gather more info if you have suggestions.

Thanks for the help so far, it’s much appreciated.