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OK, here’s another attempt. And free speech advocates wonder why stuff gets locked down.

I still need to re-create the administrator accounts for the six people originally set up, but at least the Wiki is back.

That didn’t take long. Two days ago (13 APR) the new Wiki got infested with a few thousand spammer accounts. It’s nice to know the server can handle the traffic, but it still looks like I’ll have to restart this from scratch.

I’ll need to set up some kind of verification system for new users. Like having messages sent to here for the admins to verify. Any ideas?

Alternately, if you trust my root CA at

I built this server last weekend and installed the latest MediaWiki for IIS. You must be a registered user to make edits, and please consider using your ZS Forum username as your Wiki username.

I already made Fulvio and five other active users Wiki admins. Please be gentle with this server, as it’s a virtual machine running on a glorified laptop (HP Microserver N40L). If anyone knows how to optimize MySQL on Windows, please PM me and I can let you onto the server’s console. It’s a stand-alone server, not part of AD, so I don’t mind making an extra Windows admin or two.

I could especially use help with e-mail from here. I could put SMTP on here and make it an outbound mail only service, if it came to that.