Re: Change feature request.


OK, apparently the current version of Zeroshell (1.0beta12) does support Padlock hardware. However it doesn’t appear to be detected and used by default.

So, I’d like to change my request to allow Zeroshell users to enable Padlock support.

It seems that the easiest way (at least for apps that use ssl_lib) is to let users choose to replace OpenSSL with a patched version. This causes all apps that use the lib to use the hardware acceleration engine.

The patch is available at:

see the section …
Once you get bored with patching heaps of client programs have a look at this patch from Cecilia: openssl-0.9.8e-engine.diff, 2008-09-12 22:01
“The openssl-0.9.8e patch will make the ssl-library to load the padlock engine. This means, if you apply the openssl-0.9.8e patch, you do not have to apply any other patches or modifications, since every time the ssl-library is called, the padlock-engine is initialized by the ssl-library.”
In other words – Patch for OpenSSL to always load PadLock engine.