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The Beta14 release updates the same bug:

00:04:40 	device ETH01 entered promiscuous mode
00:04:41 device ETH01 left promiscuous mode
00:04:45 device ETH01 entered promiscuous mode
00:04:50 device ETH01 left promiscuous mode
10:35:59 zscp[25401]: segfault at 1099f9b3 ip b7ffb3f0 sp bf969e90 error 4 in[b7f72000+ce000]
10:37:07 zscp[31034]: segfault at 121f49b3 ip b7fbb3f0 sp bf92be20 error 4 in[b7f32000+ce000]
10:37:17 zscp[31764]: segfault at 111ca9b3 ip b7f933f0 sp bf804500 error 4 in[b7f0a000+ce000]
10:37:29 zscp[1050]: segfault at 118839b3 ip b80003f0 sp bfa6f770 error 4 in[b7f77000+ce000]
10:37:37 zscp[2689]: segfault at 10f749b3 ip b7f2f3f0 sp bfda02a0 error 4 in[b7ea6000+ce000]
10:41:15 zscp[24739]: segfault at 105079b3 ip b7f5d3f0 sp bfdcca50 error 4 in[b7ed4000+ce000]
10:42:05 zscp[30466]: segfault at 11d299b3 ip b7ec73f0 sp bff35d60 error 4 in[b7e3e000+ce000]
10:45:14 zscp[18475]: segfault at 11daa9b3 ip b7f4c3f0 sp bfebd340 error 4 in[b7ec3000+ce000]
10:46:05 zscp[23227]: segfault at 10a169b3 ip b7f2b3f0 sp bfb9c820 error 4 in[b7ea2000+ce000]

Now, there is “” instead of ““. 🙁

After upgrading I leaved the script that, every hour, do a

/sbin/service cp restart

and this “solves” the problem.