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Yes very awesomely done. havent tried the reboot thingy, but as my uptime usually stands around 150+ days im not worried about it yet.

i simplified ur routine a bit, i copied the blacklist.html to my /Database/me/ folder then did “mount –bind /Database/me/blacklist.html /usr/local/etc/havp/templates/en/blacklist.html” and it works, ive changed all my colours and text.

what i would like to do tho, is add my own images to the page. i have made a folder in my /Database/me folder and deposited the image there, now i can link to http://websites/image.jpg but for some reason cannot link to a local image. any ideas where else it should go, or the right way to link a local image?

this was great when i started usin it, it just keeps getting better.


edit: to make ur –bind stick, add it to the “post boot script” in the startup/cron tab