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@sshira wrote:

Couple of questions. . .
Do you have to reboot for the directory change to take effect?
If you have rules that you have set up over the top of one another do they have to be removed and re-created?

Answered my own questions:
1. When you change the directories path it takes affect immediately from the screen’s perspective, however what is actually loaded in the IPTables (if you click on view) won’t change until you reboot.

2. The rules that set up and copied over location 100 are interesting, they exist in the running config only (not on disk). So to handle this I went in and added the ones I was missing which puts duplicate entries at the bottom of the view, you may notice these do not get any traffic as the rules that are higher on the list (and don’t exist in the “Startup config”) are taking the traffic.

I can not reboot my firewall during the day, and have to be careful of downtime even at night, so the next time I get to reboot I expect all will be well, and still exist. Also, I believe that I could restart IPTables to get it to load from the “Startup Config” again without restarting the whole firewall, but I’ll have to test that later as well.
It seems to me that if we have the ability to delete on the fly there should be a mechanism to reload at any time as well, i’ll have to look in to that.