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Last night I attached the hard drive from the existing router machine with P4 2.2 ghz and 512 mb ram to another machine with P4 2.7 ghz and 2 gb ram and tried to d/l the same 2 files as above.

Downloads started 1-2 seconds apart and load balanced without me having to add segments to one of them. So I thought it was a memory issue that I just solved by moving into a bigger box. Not so fast!

This morning there is no LB anymore. The same two downloads share one connection now no matter how many segments I start.
This was simply maddening.

And then I added another download. Sudddenly they load balanced. This was 10th connection for crying out loud.
Then I stopped them and started just the last two files. Load balancing 2 connections. I am dumbfounded by this behavior.
So once I push it over board by adding extreme numbers of download segments, LB kicks in… This is probably why my family members using uTorrent told me that it still load balanced all this time, but my Firefox downloads with DownThemAll did not: uTorrent opened lots of connections, while Firefox’s plugin opened only 1 per file and I manually added a few more.

One of the files is Fedora 19 DVD ISO image from This file seems to be incompatible with the rest. Their server does not allow more than 1 download stream, maybe that’s why?

The other 2 are Ubuntu Studio 13 image and PCBSD 10 image. These 2 allow any number of connections and they load balance immediately. Should LB depend on whether server allows re-get/more than 1 connection???