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Thanks, I gave it a go, but it wasn’t for me.

For reference and those searching in the future.

I solved this by editing the main Captive Portal template. I added a meta refresh tag to forward to, which took the users information, and did everything I wanted in PHP. If the user was sucessful in inputting all the correct data they were then forwarded to this URL:

This essentially logs them on with a standard user account. OK, so theres just one user account that everyone uses, that won’t work for everyone, but for my needs did the job. It’s particularly secure either, but doesn’t actually allow the user to do anything other than access the internet as long as you set ZeroShell up correctly.

Once connected and ZeroShell had run the few pages it needed to, they’re sent back to the same, which using sessions knew they were connected to the internet so displayed their name and that they’re connected to the web.

You do of course have to allow to be a “free” domain/IP in the Captive Portal settings.

Hope this helps someone, someday.