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@mountainman wrote:

… Certainly I’ll need at least two NIC’s, one to connect to the satellite WAN and one for the wifi side, but I’m not clear on the advantages (if there are any) of one NIC for each WAP.

What kind of APs were you using. What is the purpose of multiple VLANS?

I don’t have a a NIC for each WAP. I have a VLAN for each WAP. I used the Bridge feature to join the SSID to the particular VLAN interface. I bought Managed switches (100 Base T with Gb uplinks) off eBay relatively cheaply. I use VLAN trunks between the switches. My PepWave and DD-WRT units plus the DLink adpater can all trunk vlan’s and can bridge the multiple WLAN’s to the the appropriate vlan.

I use multiple VLANs because I have guest, critical usage, and business usage priorities and risk takes different priority. Of course, the subnets for the corresponding VLAN have little communication allowed amongst themselves.

I am using a mixture of AP’s because most existed long before I re-built the network. Unfortunately two of the 4 are over simple and can’t do multiple WLAN’s bridging to VLANs. I’m a fan of the PepWave AP’s myself. They’re pretty good and cheap — about $100 USD for what they do.

The zeroshell box has a DLink Model DWA-552 PCI adapter which does N. It seems to work well. I got an external anenna from Rosewill rather than using the antenna’s that go right on the back of the card slot.