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Ok I have it working – of a sort! As usual the issue was the chair to keyboard interface – in this case me!.

I am using proxmox to host virtual servers behind the zeroshell box and the network card on the ZS was and all virtual servers are going to be in this network however the internal server I was trying to reach from the internet was connected via vmbr (acts like a network switch) which was on so this was an issue! Also I think i have an issue on the bond within the vmbr so i just changed this to active-backup for now.

I installed Pfsense and it was at this point I suddenly realised my mistake! So back in went zeroshell and we are good to go now – very gald it is working for me.

Thanks to all.

I still have an issue. ETH03 is my wan and currently one public IP is working ok if I add another public IP to ETH03 I can’t seem to get the same results (as in internal server open for access from the internet) with similar firewall, nat and virtual server settings.

Any ideas?