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There are no headers on the files listing licensing and I don’t recall seeing information on that either in the distribution or on the web site. This is one more thing that Fulvio will need to decide upon before Zeroshell becomes a “real” project. Another is how he will manage contributions from others…

The fail over mechanism in Zeroshell is managed by shell scripts that could, I guess, be ported to other Linux distributions. The problem is that ZeroShell stores its network configuration as lots of little files. So getting things like the IP addresses to ping to check for connectivity would most likely have to be altered to suit your setup.

All in all, you might be better off using the scripts in Zeroshell as an example and then writing your own.

And it is not just porting the script based fail over daemon. At least to do things “right” you’d want a bunch of the code that sets up the routing and filtering tables too. And that gets into things that deal with traffic classification, etc. which may be a bigger scope than you are looking for.

Over the years I have migrated from having one server do everything (sounds like what you are looking at) to having low power reliable boxes dedicated to individual tasks. For me having Zeroshell, or something like it, on a dedicated router box feels safer than having the routing and “enterprise” firewall on the same box as my mail, web, or VoIP servers. Maintenance is easier and I can upgrade or swap out functional components rather than having to deal with changing everything if a single function requires upgrade.