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fulvio wrote:
Could you check if the ETH00 has an IP address?
If the ETH00 as not an IP address the creation of the LDAP DB fails. This bug also affect previous release releases.

Hi Fluvio,
Thanks for response,
“…ETH00 as not an IP address…”, NO! it has ! Because Zeroshell installed in a VM (Virtual Machine), and i use ETH00 for controlling this VM !
Also, one day later, I succeeded in Profile Creation of Zeroshell in a VM (PROXMOX)
I think i created a conflict because i tred to modify certificates without enough knowledges … So perhaps, there is no bug … If i found up something, i’ll notice it, on an other place in the forum, i promiss (the newbie i am mad a mistake, i saw it later !)

Thanks for the good work zeroshell is!