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Hi Drmca,

it seems this was a limitation with the hardware, now i’m using P4 3.00Ghz and all runs well… only took 11% max of the CPU
thanks for your reply though…

My config is P4 celeron 2.2 Ghz, 512 MB RAM – it runs very well.
I guess if we were able to recompile everything with P4 optimization, it would be even nimbler.

now the ZS machine runs well
did QoS testing with two rules DEFAULT and RECEPTIONIST class.
the RECEPTIONIST class have a guaranteed bw of 5Kbit/s and max bw is 5Kbit/s and applied to ETH00 and ETH01 which are a member of BRIDGE00 with classifier source IP and MAC.

when tested, it doesn’t quite expected, I am wondering why……

anyone can help?