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You can not make a single rule that will state each ip in a subnet to get a certain speed of it’s own. Any rule that has a class attached to it, and a subnet, the entire subnet will share the single class. Currently there is no way to make a single rule that states each ip gets 256k.

Currently you’d need to make a separate rule for each ip, actually two rules, one for upload, and one for download speeds. Which is very time consuming, tedious, and not scalable really. Though zeroshell is great in all other shaping needs, this on feature request would be great to have. I’ve already put in a request a while back.

This can happen though for limiting packets per second with the hashlimit mode. This hashlimit will limit all source ips in a subnet to a set amount of pps, say all ips in will get their own rule for 50pps.

Someone modded this and made something called hashspeed (Google it). You will only need two rules for this one for the entire subnet. It is the same concept, except modded for both source and destination and for rate rather than pps. So in one rule you can have source 256k for upload, and all ips will have their own virtual separate qos rule, all in one rule. And the same but for destination for download. Pretty slick.