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Working fine in two “Hardware – Network Scenarios”.
With 10 Upstreams / xDSL ISPs

The Hard One Scenario (It may look like a more elegant but it’s not worth it).

ZS 1.0.12 with atheling’s Patch QoS + Load balancing.


5 x PC NICs: Interface Masters Dual Port Gigabit Network Card N2265

CPU: AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual-Core 3800+

Each Port of each of the Dual Port NIC(s), direct Connects to a xDSL Modem/Router.

The OnBoard Nic connects to 3560Cisco L2/3 Switch that acts as the LAN GW.The Cisco SW also does PBR Load balancing between 2 ZS Boxes, 1 with 10 Upstreams + 1 with 2 Upstreams.
There is No QoS for Outgoing Traffic to the Upstreams (I’m doing this in the 3d ZS Box, “within” the LAN … read hereafter) but there is QoS on the OnBoard NIC: 7 Classes + 171 QoS “Rules”, 21 of the 171 “rules” are L7 Filters (!!!).

There’s also another ZS box “within” the LAN (Version 1.0.14b) in Bridged mode for “1st level” QoS-Traffic Shapping.

Small LAN -> 40 Work Stations
MAX Concurrent Sessions: ~12K-13K
CPU Load: 54-60% … no Drops No “Lag” on Streaming Videos and/or VoIP (Skype / MSN Messenger), during the “peak” hours … with ~50Mbit of P2P file transfers and plenty – 10MBit – of HTTP Browsing (Mostly Watching Videos)

As I said before, it’s working but it’s NOT worth it.

– The easy Scenario The PREFERRED ONE :

Hardware as Above (Removed 4 of the 5 Dual NICs).
The OnBoard NIC … again is facing the 3560SW
The Second NIC is using just the 1 of the 2 ports that connects to a cheap Level One 8 Port GigaBit SW (GSW-0807).
Small LAN -> 40Work Stations
MAX Concurrent Sessions: ~12K-13K
CPU Load: 48-56% … no Drops No “Lag” on Streaming Videos and/or VoIP (Skype / MSN Messenger).

Now … that Scenario worth to implement it 😉

BTW … THANKS to Fulvio for this piece of Software and also Thanks to atheling for his patch.

YES … I MUST write a document for all this … I will write a “draft” soon.