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I don’t have any QoS rule in my ZeroShell box. And the only traffic is SIP. However I tried to look at how HTTP behaves : the user experience is bad, pages are slow to load. When I go directly to the Internet, bypassing the ZeroShell box, the navigation is much better.

I thought that the main difference between traceroute and WinMTR is that WinMTR is able to tell you the percentage of packet loss at EACH node on the route. So if you do A->B->C->D, WinMTR could perfectly tell you that there is a 10% loss at B, but 0% loss at C and D. Is that what you get with the linux traceroute ?

By the way, do you know any other tool like WinMTR/traceroute that I could try in order to investigate this issue ? Otherwise, I think I will rebuild the whole ZeroShell box from scratch with a completely new hardware 🙁

Thanks a lot for your time.