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@atheling wrote:

For those who care about the net balancing and QoS patch but want to run beta 15, it looks like the none of the files the patch touches have changed since beta 14:

$ git checkout nb_qos_b15
Switched to branch 'nb_qos_b15'
$ git diff --name-only master HEAD
$ git checkout master
Switched to branch 'master'
$ git diff HEAD^ HEAD -- kerbynet.cgi/scripts/failoverd
$ git diff HEAD^ HEAD -- kerbynet.cgi/scripts/fw_initrules
$ git diff HEAD^ HEAD -- kerbynet.cgi/scripts/fw_makerule
$ git diff HEAD^ HEAD -- kerbynet.cgi/scripts/fw_start
$ git diff HEAD^ HEAD -- kerbynet.cgi/scripts/fw_viewchain
$ git diff HEAD^ HEAD -- kerbynet.cgi/scripts/nb_fw
$ git diff HEAD^ HEAD -- kerbynet.cgi/scripts/nb_setautomarking
$ git diff HEAD^ HEAD -- kerbynet.cgi/scripts/nb_testfo
$ git diff HEAD^ HEAD -- kerbynet.cgi/scripts/routeupd

So you should be able to apply the previously published patch for beta 14 onto your new beta 15 installation. I won’t be able to test this for myself for another few days, so you are on your own.

Previously published URL for the patch is still good, but I’ve just put another up with the typographic error in the patch name corrected at:

From the sound of it, Fulvio will be releasing another beta shortly with the patch included.

Hello, I´m new here at the forum, but I´ve been testing Zeroshell for almost a month now.

Net Balancing was a big issue to me, i just did install the patch (on beta 15) and I´m running some tests… as far as I can see, downloads doesn´t drop anymore (I hope so), but I will be running some more tests.