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For the patch to work does ZS have to be installed onto HDD?
Is there any way to add it to ISO image as I run from CD?

The patch installs in the /Database area of the file system which is saved in the data associated with the “Profile” you are running. So if you save the profile, you are also saving the patch.

Hi Atheling,

Thank you for detailed instructions, once I realized that it installs into profile it went like a breeze!

It sounds like your patch is working, at least behaviour is different from what I’ve observed under vanilla b14.

What is same: multi-segment xfer where all segments start at the same time still only reaches capacity of a single DSL line – 534 KB/s.

What has changed: previously only a handful of very first connections was load-balanced, with your patch that continues for a few minutes already. I have started and stopped a dozen xfers with Firefox addon DownThemAll which allows to add and remove segments and it looks like your patch added stability to the Net Balancer.

If I start d/l from more than 1 machine on the LAN, they d/l at virtually 2x capacity of a single DSL line, which is perfect!

Edit: Stable load balancing of connections started from different computers or from the same computer, but staggered by a few seconds, continues until now.
This patch still can be improved to handle simultaneously opened connections, but it is already a very good change.