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Unresolved fluctuating call quality, between WAN and PBX (as attendant is choppy). Periods range from clear to severe(scratches, burps, hisses, hiccups, dropouts, and occasional disconnects).

WAN – same on Rogers cable, and Bell DSL
Router – same on Zeroshell, ZyWallUWG, DLink x 2, .. same (or better) no rules vs. rules for PBX
PBX – same on new hardware and software load, same (or better) no NAT settings (interestingly, calls seemed crystal clear right after set NAT:never/IP:public, but it didn’t last)

Router – default supposed to work but, rule (currently off) allow 5060u(or range) doesn’t seem to affect
Asterisk – default supposed to work but:
– Asterisk sip_custom.conf>public, private IPs (uncomment)
– Asterisk FreePBX>SIP Settings Module(competes with .conf above)>NAT:yes, no, never, route | IP:Public, Static, Dynamic (supposed public is no NAT, static is NAT)
– Asterisk trunk or other relevant settings? Again, default supposed to work so I doubt it.

Provider – try another for calls in/out, provider can do a trace, maybe I can with wireshark
WAN – maybe getting hammered by spammers/hackers based on location, will ask ISP and/or attempt to log or monitor
– White/Black IP List for IPTables, I am going to implement this, though I don’t know f it’s part of the problem at the moment, better safe than sorry

The issue seems to be routing WAN traffic, is there anything I am missing?
I guess traces and monitoring would help…