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atheling, to be clear, do you consider an asterisk box behind a zeroshell router to be a viable professional solution for a small/medium office? To simply provide reliable call quality without reboots of the router and asterisk boxes? And in particular with zeroshell on the low power C3-533Mhz box I mentioned?

I too have been considering the comparison to a simple hardware based router such as DLink, TP-LINK, Asus, etc (w/wo WRT/Tomato firmware) if it will provide the stability, lower operational cost and feature set, (VOIP/SIP, bonding/failover, MLPPP(tomato), (VPN), etc), and if this will resolve the linux routing/switching issue(s)?

You mention monitoring/testing for issues. I will watch ping and loads, but is there a way to see any IP attacks? Do I have to enable some logging?

I have two boxes and will put one down to just a 5060 VS and similar on the asterisk and report back. ~ thx!

AussieWISP, I found instructions to enable SFTP in zeroshell on this forum, which will allow you to use WinSCP from your PC which will make file management (patches etc) easy.