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@AussieWISP wrote:

Hi Lip, great to see your comments, some of which may help with my mission; based on athelings comments, I think I should downgrade from beta13 to beta12, this being due to being unable to do some of the suggestions by atheling and it also seems his patch is crucial to asterisk/voip and from his posts the patch may not yet be compatible with beta13. I also note that ppalias mentioned that the patch had some glitches which is why it wasn’t released with beta13.

Does anyone know what that Asterisk patch is on the ZS downloads section?

On a side question, my scenario I am building is 4 x adsl 8mbps & 1 x fibre 100 mbps fed into ZS, feeding Asterisk, feeding up to 300 internet and voip subscribers via Ubiquiti Wifi. Am I choosing the right software? ie ZS?

I have not bothered to upgrade to beta13 since the changes were not ones I needed but the files my patch touches are unchanged between beta12 and beta13 so there should be no conflict.

You VoIP setup is much more ambitious than mine. I’ve heard of large Asterisk deployments but wonder how stable they are. I’d be looking at a pure SIP proxy for that many users rather than a back-to-back user agent setup like Asterisk.

Along the same line, even with my patches, ZS does have some issues with session to session persistence which might not make it suitable for a large scale deployment. (Not really ZS issue in that the problem I’ve noted is in the Linux routing so any Linux based router would be suspect in my mind. Perhaps there is some magic incantation to give the routing cache but my web searches have turned up negative.)

So, while what you are trying to achieve might be possible, I think you will be breaking new ground.