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Thank you for your reply.
I read the threat, i know what they mean.

But Change in what? i have 3 DSL lines 1 is from the German Telekom and the another 2 from M-Net (they have the same ISP Gateway)

My config is this:
Datacenter: Fixed IP, 3x VPN lines 1195,1196,1197 Gateway from my Datacenter provider
At home: 3x DSL lines as above T-Com, M-Net, 3x Avm Fritzbox,,
In the VPN config: remotehost Ip adress from Zeroshell at my datacenter ports 1195-1197 UDP Gateway Port 1195 for VPN1, port 1196 for VPN2 ….

VPN lines are connected, but on Datacenter als 3 VPN Lines connected to the same Ip adress.
What is wrong?

regards Mario[/img]