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I checked the files /lib/modules/* aren’t the same between zeroshell and the linux system where I installed that kernel with the same configuration. What’s worse is that when vmware tools is installed, it scrambles the order of the lines in some of the files. If you want the modules properly installed, you’ll have to compare sorted versions of the files from before and after vmware tools is installed. If someone is interested, I can provide details of what changes I made for zeroshell 1.0.beta13 and the vmware tools in ESXi 4.1. All the modules install without these changes, but I’ve only tried running a vmxnet3 NIC with the changes in place.

I previously left something out for for my vmxnet3 under ESXi. The boot script needs to run “/etc/init.d/netconfig restart” to initialize the device, and I’ve updated the script in my previous post.