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I suppose that you can login on the ZS with a monitor and a keyboard. Using the command brctl you can do manipulations on the bridge interface.

root@zeroshell root> brctl --help
Usage: brctl [commands]
addbr add bridge
delbr delete bridge
addif add interface to bridge
delif delete interface from bridge
setageing set ageing time
setbridgeprio set bridge priority
setfd set bridge forward delay
sethello set hello time
setmaxage set max message age
setpathcost set path cost
setportprio set port priority
show show a list of bridges
showmacs show a list of mac addrs
showstp show bridge stp info
stp {on|off} turn stp on/off
root@zeroshell root> brctl show
bridge name bridge id STP enabled interfaces
BRIDGE00 8000.0015e9da3849 no ETH00
DEFAULTBR 8000.000000000000 no

First use show to see which interfaces are attached to it, then “delif” to remove them and finally remove bridge itself. When you finish it add an IP address on the ETH interface to be able to access it with web gui.