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I patched my edge router with atheling’s patch during the weekend, switched the netbalancer to netbalancing+failover from just failover and assigned equal weights to the 2 wan links.So far

  • ACKs and replies to incoming traffic seems to be correctly routed back out from the same wan
  • QoS matches packets correctly, at least the counters are going up. However ssh has a smooth feeling, which could mean that it is working indeed very well.
  • No service disruption or disconnects on Instant Messengers, due to change of gateway.

I haven’t tested so far the OpenVPN to verify that packets are routed out from the correct interface, but I can’t see a reason why it shouldn’t work.
I will continue testing so that we are all sure that it can be included in the next release.
Congratulations atheling, that was a very good work!