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well, i realized that i don’t need to set the bandwidth i get from my isp, i have to be careful not to overbook the guaranteed bandwidth (i mean client_1_guaranteed + client_2_guaranteed_+…=isp_provided_guaranteed)
simple as that

the problem now is how to add multiple cidr’s to a file, load it with a script and use it in the rules created with qos

any suggestions?

in freebsd i know how to do that, is like this:

ipfw table 1 add x.x.x.x/24
ipfw table 1 add y.y.y.y/24
ipfw table 1 add z.z.z.z/25


ipfw allow all from table(1) to any
ipfw allow all from any to table(1)

somebody suggested ipset but i haven’t seen any useful example