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A new Version with Automatic Mode is online:
Version 0.5

Hey Carmona,

i finished today the Version 0.5 (Automatisch Daily Password change).
You can download and try if this function is usefull for you.

The Change:
the Script should run as Crontab over the zeroshell Website (Example every day / night all 24 hours….)

The script should be placed in folder /Database/script/
It can be startet like :
/Database/script/ a tobias
Helpline: a stand for automatic mode (Password and no questions) and tobias is the user which password should be changed.
The Password from the user will be written to the kerberos Database in Zeroshell and in the following file : Database/script/dailyPW.”username”.txt

If you have any other questions or need some more help contact me …

Script is online: -> Download and copy to zeroshell
or if your Zeroshell is connected to www:
connect with ssh ..
Open Shell (S)
mkdir /Database/script
cd /Database/script
chmod 750 /Database/script/
and try
Greetings from Germany