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there is an hdd install walkthru on the site somewhere, i use live cd so that when new ver is avail i just switch cds seems faster and easier than installs may b wrong but i feel more secure this way.

are you using the latest ZS release beta12? i have it running in 4 different locations and have not had clam issues since beta 11 when it was sayin clam ver was out of date, but clam is not the best protection out there you are always better to run av’s on ur client machines

loc.1 beta12
00:42:52 ClamAV: Reloaded 696348 signatures (engine 0.95.1)
12:43:06 ClamAV: Reloaded 696840 signatures (engine 0.95.1)
loc.2 beta11
05:05:17 ClamAV: Reloaded 696817 signatures (engine 0.94)