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Yes, I am using http proxy to check for viruses, on the slower interface (ppp1), but not added the other faster interfaces so far.

Also, I have now added these new firewall rules ( hope they are correct )


Seq Input Output Description Log Active
1 * ppp2 REJECT all opt — in * out ppp2 !-> reject-with icmp-port-unreachable yes
2 * ppp3 REJECT all opt — in * out ppp3 !-> reject-with icmp-port-unreachable yes

I have currently brought these fast interfaces down as a precautionary measure.

Will activate them by evening today ( GMT 12:30 PM ) and check and revert, if they block appropriately.

As my knowledge of firewall is limited, please guide me on this further, with examples.
Like, for example, if these rules need to be added as well, in pre or post boot or under firewall chain script as well, for getting priority over others.

I want to make it absolutely sure that all website calls, except for my application server’s ip, are blocked on these interfaces, even under failover mode as well.

I am trying to use the Netbalancer only to restart my failed pppoe connections and not for load balancing or failover purposes. Hope I have made myself clear.