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Yours is different from mine…we are using 2 Zeroshell devices…to create the tunnels, while it looks like you are doing 1 ZS to an outside server.

We got great help from ppalias in getting ours figured out…so believe him on what he posts.

I agree with his last post…looks like the subnets on the bond are wrong…one side is 192.168.1.X and the second side is 192.168.0.X

we went like this:

(ETH10.1.1.1)ZS–(VPNa)-calls outside of ZS2 —ZS2 (ETH10.1.2.1)
then 2nd adapter on ZS uses VPNB calls 2nd adapter on ZS2

Once creqated…Bond both VPNa and VPNb together on both sides…..gave the bond00 on ZS and the bond00 on ZS2 the address of

Went into routing on ZS and told it that the 10.1.2.X network goes to and on ZS2…told it that the 10.1.1.X network can be found on…and it works great (see details earlier in post for best speeds and such)

So if it were me…I would put a 2nd ZS box in so you are building the tunnel between the 2 locations…your life will be easier.