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I have roughly the same situation as TS.
i try to make a pptp connection
eth00 lan
eth01 dhcp internet
vpn99 ??
i have edited the pptpd.conf with a local ip in my eth00 range.

i have to use the zeroshell box as a firewall and a router, since its my outside connection.
i have the input, output, forward chains so that everything from lan can go everywhere and from internet is blocked except for related and established.
the default policy for input and forward is block.

now my problem is: (test) connecting from my lan works ok, but no internet or other network resources. When i put the forward chain to accept as default then everything works.
Can someone tell me what (how) i have to make accept ruels for in the forward chain?
i tried GRE and tcp port 1723, but i can’t get it to work.
Does anyone know what i should do?