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I’m trying to put the ISO image back on an USB stick to be able to run it from stick on my netbook but with little luck, can anyone help me with this?

I have placed a standard ZeroShell beta12 img on an USB stick and than used dd if=dual_kernel.iso of=/dev/sdb2 [options] to put the dual kernel version back on the stick.
Then tried to boot the original kernel = working
Altered grub.conf on the first partition to point to the extra 2.6.30 vmlinuz / initrd.gz files (which I copied from the iso image to the 14mb partition).
But when I’m trying to boot the 2.6.30 kernel, the kernel keeps probing for a boot device and then ends with a kernel panic (unable to load rood fs). I assume this has something to do with the configuration of initrd/vmlinuz but that’s about where my linux knowledge ends.

Suggestions would be very welcome!

USB Stick contents:

14mb partiotion with following changes:
/2_6_30/vmlinuz (cp from iso image /2_6_30/)
/2_6_30/initrd.gz (cp from iso image /2_6_30/)
(both files have an extra menu option to point to kernel /2_6_30)
/* (rest is unedited)

CDROM partion with:
/contents of dual_kernel iso from this thread

cat grub.conf and menu.lst:
title Kernel 2.6.30
root (hd0,0)
kernel /2_6_30/vmlinuz
initrd /2_6_30/initrd.gz