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Remote Office 1-n

Alix running ZeroShell with LAN-To-LAN VPN back to Head Office bridged on single Ethernet port.

Head Office

PC running ZeroShell receiving LAN-To-LAN VPNs bridged to a single Ethernet port.

What I want is for each Office to be a separate VLAN that will go into the MikroTik then added to a bridge on the MikroTik. This will allow us to monitor traffic for each office by their VLAN interface (using SNMP – Cacti), and apply firewall rules for each office.

ZS:Remote Office —L-To-L— ZS:Head Office —VLAN— RB1000(MikroTik) — Head Office Network

Let me know if you need more. Really the only part I’m struggling is how to configure ZeroShell so that I can see each remote office as a separate VLAN in the MikroTik RB1000.